Sunday, May 10, 2009

Morning prayer at work

I work in a catholic health care facility and because of that I am reminded of the faith that brought about the values of the organization. I am reminded not because everyone working there is catholic or acts like a good christian, but because there are crosses and saints hanging on the wall, there is a daily prayer announced every morning, and there are still a few sisters in administration that I see in the hall. I try to embody these values (that are not necessarily catholic, just emphasizing doing the right thing) when I am at work and am happy that the organization encourages all the employees to embrace them too. In thinking of how I can remind myself everyday to uphold a high level of respect for those patients and residents that I care for, I wrote myself a morning prayer.

Please carry me through this day
so that I feel calm, accomplished
and optimally rewarded at the days end.

Remind me that I work in
someone's home and
help me to act accordingly.
Help them to feel at home,
and help us to anticipated their needs.
Also, grant me the knowledge
and embody yourself in me today,
so that I can care for those
who cannot speak for themselves.

All of us have conflicts and concerns
to deal with outside of our work.
Help me to put them aside so
that I may be present in my work
and take on only the concerns of this moment.
If my work is interrupted
help me to handle myself
with grace.

Please give me the patience
to deal with difficult situations
and remain positive and controlled
through unfairness.

Allow me to turn my eyes to the window today.
As I take in the view and the
beautiful skyline, remind me that I am blessed-
Beauty is ubiquitous, and you are here.

And remind me regularly
that those who I care for now
were once in my shoes -
they were parents, spouses, employees and they struggled.
Today, they deserve my most graceful self
to care for them
in their home.

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