Saturday, May 30, 2009


We celebrated Gabriella's birthday this past weekend and she requested a pink cake with pink frosting, which turned out quite well. I am happy when my kids birthday's are coming up because it is a celebration for me just as much as them. It marks the number of years I have been a mother, I have changed and evolved with them and it marks the number of years they have grown into themselves with their parents assistance. Having children is amazing, but not as amazing as living as a mother. I can say that during the time I found out I was pregnant, I didn't really want to have a child, but I guess someone else had other plans for me. I did believe I may have come to the decision to have a child at some point because it seemed to be a huge part of life and being a woman that I wanted to experience and challenge myself with. But I guess that is the whole thing - we don't always know what will happen for us, but when things happen we have to embrace them and mold ourselves into the person who will handle them. And after having been a mother, that is true that it is a challenge and an experience and it is an amazing thing that a person can make and do. My children are a piece of me and they are reliant upon me for so long that it is thoroughly amazing when they do things for themselves and become less of me and more of them. To be a mother becomes more and more worth it each day that goes on. If it is at all possible to love someone more everyday, it is true of my children. And if you found the right spouse, it is true of him or her just the same. And I can say now after having been given the precious gift of healthy, beautiful, amazing children that for me,I would have been missing something phenom anal, to say the least, if I chose not to have children.

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