Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marley & Me

I watched Marley and Me last nite with my hubby and I had to laugh hysterically at one scene where Jenifer Anisten was losing her mind and overwhelmed at the dog and her life at that moment. I laughed because it reminded me of me, and Thomas said he didn't know that I was acting in this movie.
When I was 6 months pregnant with Gabby, Tom and I stopped in a pet store and looked at the puppies. One thing led to another and $500 later, Marie was ours. Marie was absolutely adorable and 4 months old at the time. We house trained her and like a two year old, she never quite got it fully. She would have accidents in the house, chewed and scratched stuff, and she had abundant energy. She'd jump on everyone and we couldn't let her off the leash much because she would run off. When she was on the leash, she didn't heel very well and a walk with her wasn't as pleasant as it could be. (Although having a 14lbs dog pull you is better than having Marley pull you) She cuddled up so sweet and circled her self into a tight ball and slept on you or right next to you when ever possible. Since I liked having her warm little self near me, we let her sleep in the bed with us - I know Tom was begrudging about this, but he let it go. He would kick her off the bed periodically through the nite because she annoyed him and I don't think he wanted her there at all to begin with. So this continued on with Marie upstairs until she peed on the Tempur Pedic mattress. I called the company and they said to absorb it with paper towels and something else that I don't remember and I pushed paper towels into the bed for hours that day.

See, I could tolerate Marie and all the annoying work-creating things that she'd do until I had Gabriella. For Gabby sucked up all the patience stores that I had left and there was nothing for Marie and everything she did drove me far crazier with a baby to care for than ever before. I had patience before I had kids. I had to have gates up for the dog and gates up for the kid. I had to pick up crumbs and vacuum hair for the baby and I had to pick up toys, socks and shoes for the dog. Marie would bark incessantly when any stranger would be in the house so I couldn't have anyone over because I didn't have patience for the barking violating my eardrums. We kept her in a crate to sleep and parts of the day because she would make too many problems out free in the house. I felt guilty for keeping her in a cage especially because the other dog lived like a princess in the house. Yet, I didn't have it in me to monitor the dog and the baby.

The smell of pee is gross to me and dog pee is even more putrid. One day I found Gabby's toy chewed up next to where she just peed in the house and my daughter nearly crawled in it. So I opened up our door and said good bye. Of course Tom and I went out to pluck her out of the neighbors yard 5 minutes later, but that was enough time for her to drop a load there. This was the first time we met and spoke with our new neighbor after we moved to Tennessee- he told us not to let our dog poop on his lawn. Tom got upset with me for letting her fly out the door, but I told him that Marie was better off running free in the neighborhood than to be subject to what I wanted to do to her after her stunt in the house.
Jennifer Anisten said she has had enough and the dog had to go. I remember saying that a couple times, and the last time I was very serious. I googled animal rescues and rat terrier rescues because I NEEDED her gone. I figured I had limitations now with a toddler and one on the way and this dog far surpassed what I was capable of pleasantly dealing with. We had another dog, keep in mind. So this is two dogs and in a couple short months, two kids. So anyway, my husband heard my concerns and actually found a woman he worked with that wanted to take Marie. They fell in love and Marie is happy....
Well, one year later, new-lady-from-work had enough of Marie. I guess she bit her grandson and that was her breaking point. So now Marie has been turned over to another foster mama that this lady works with. And Marie and new-lady-from-work's-friend are in love and happy.

I laughed at this scene in the movie because having a dog is like having a kid. And having an unruly dog is like have a crazy 18 month old. And having two dogs, one 18 month old and being pregnant anticipating the lack of sleep and stress, I did believe that I would be more peaceful with out the dog. There were many times I felt like I wanted to whack this little dog and I really didn't want my daughter to see me physically hit an animal let alone the fact that I didn't even want her to see me lose control and scream at the dog. The dog needed someone better than me and more patient than me and my daughter and son need me to have more patience too. But one thing I wouldn't do was leave her off somewhere on the street, dump her in a shelter or put her to sleep. I care for the dog because I cared for her since she was young and she is a living thing that deserves rights. I looked up the rescue agencies in the moment of frustration but that is why you don't act on impulse. My husband reminded me that the rescue agencies were not the right route to take and assured me he would find a good home for her. And he did- he is really my voice of reason and such a sound judge.
So my family now is my nearly three year old girl, nearly one year old boy and nearly 9 year old dog, minus 2 1/2 year old Marie.

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