Thursday, May 7, 2015

A-Z Reflection

After doing the a-z blog challenge I was instructed to do a reflection. I reflected a bit in my last entry, but here goes:

-I liked the challenge and I'd do it again.
-I am not used to putting an entry in every day. I am a once a month, often five of them being skipped, person these days. But it was a great way to get writing again.
-I tried to look at some other blogs of fellow challengers, above and below my own blog's title, but it is hard to comment genuinely on such specific niche subjects I know nothing about - for example, if a person writes about British royalty - the history, families, technicalities of the government and thrown - I am not personally interested in it, and if I read a random blog, as if I jumped into the middle of a detailed conversation, I will be a bit lost and detached. If the blogs could have been organized and listed according to genre that would be good. 
-This was a good way to increase exposure and broaden your audience. I had more comments than I usually do, but I am not aware that I gained any additional followers. 
-It would have been nice if I got an email reminder about the start of the blog or now for the reflection