Sunday, November 7, 2010

NY vs. LA

My husband has been travelling back and forth to Louisiana and here every other week. I have gotten used to not having him around, which I am convinced is not a necessary skill to learn while one is still married. Why? Because it allows you to believe you don't need that person, and that you will be OK without them. We should need each other as much as we can when we are together, there is no sense to ration what we have at our fingertips, emotionally and otherwise. I am a person who was raised to be independent and self sufficient, but the thought that that will be a required skill in the future is altogether comforting and painful.
Aside from this reflection, we may move to Louisiana sometime within the next year and Tom can start working there full time. I am ok with moving - it is a multi faceted decision that seems beneficial for the team.
I have fond memories of living in Louisiana because we were a close team, a strong team, and somehow people seem nicer down there and the gentle energy spreads. Where as in New York, you have to seek out peaceful people because they are hard to find. I think that energy gets under your skin. The skin that is covered up in a million layers of clothing in the four bitterly chilly months of a New York winter. For me, it is easier to deal with thick heat that feels like you are standing in the exhaust stream and radiator output of a big bus, than the freezing, dry, bone-chilling cold of the winters here. Either choice, you get 4 months of uncomfortable temps and environment. There has to be less seasonal affective disorder down there, luckily I don't suffer from it, but the grump and deterrence to go outside does prevail for me.