Sunday, January 16, 2011

Every House Tells a Story

As I exist in this house, I am taking in their choices in wall paper, color, and other architectural and design things and I realize that a house says alot about a person. Are they afraid to make bold choices, or are they fearless? Do they like bold and big furniture and structures, or safe bets that they wont get sick of? Do they choose quality and put together everything completely, or do they skimp here and there just to get it done and move on? Are they that attentive to detail? The only variable to my amature character description of the previous owners is that some things like the lighting- I don't know if it is a crazy, unusual choice, or if it is something common to the French Provincial, Louisiana architecture. And other things, like a separate ice making machine in the kitchen - is this common in nice homes, or down here because it's hot, or is this something this couple has always wanted and finally put it in the home they planned out together.
I think this couple was not afraid of bold choices, and was family oriented. I think they cared less if some crayon got on the floor or some nail polish splashed on the cabinet. I think they also didn't care if the dishwasher didn't fit quite right and you had to thrust it with your hip as you closed it each time. I think husband and wife wanted their privacy and some romantic comforts, but they also wanted their children to be happy and enjoy themselves. I can tell which areas are frequented by a man and which walls have looked mostly upon a women. It is interesting to infer all this, but also very limited because this house is but a chapter, or even the titles of the chapters of a book, with all the words and pages and content missing to make it all make sense. I can take this house that we are moving into now and make my inferences while comparing it to the equivalent in our own house in New York, because our house says quite a bit about us. I think I make pretty good sense.
So yes, there are left over imprints of mess and signs of life in this house. But as I always used to say to justify my mess as a teenager, a mess simply says that you were focused on other things. (or maybe its that you don't care, but I like to think the latter is true for most) So it is true now that I would have tried to scrape off the nail polish on my nice bathroom cabinets, or use a magic eraser to clean up my children's destruction, I hope that this couple did not because they were so engaged in each other and the family that that was the last thing from their mind.

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