Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tossing Cookies

Prior to flying down to LA I packed up two boxes full of Xmas toys that the kids didn't open yet and sent them down here. It cost me $13 per box and i justified that with the $25/per checked bag fee on the airlines. I sent the box to our friends house down here and they arrived the day before we did - it worked out great!
Marco got a fever the day before we flew, it must have been a little virus. So on the first flight, as the plane was descending, our feverish little man threw up on himself twice. As I was cautiously holding a bag up near his mouth, he told me he doesn't want to do that again so I can put the bag down. Since I am a year or so out from the baby phases, I did not pack any extra cloths in my carry on bag for him so we bought him a new shirt in the huge Atlanta airport. I guess he made out OK. And despite the vomit that didn't stink too bad relative to vomit, it didn't get on the car seat he was sitting in, and it didn't get on me. Plus, sick, lethargic babies make for easy travel companions, as opposed to normal terrible two year old behavior in confined spaces. I'd say we made out OK too. So he could either toss his cookies, so to speak, or literally throw his cookies, or goldfish as it was across the plane because that is what cranky kids do. But with our version of cookie tossing, at least you feel bad for the kid, where as with the other goldfish tosser, you just want to pull your hair out and toss them out the window. And the people in front of me should be happy too because he would undoubtedly be kicking their seat for 2.5 hours with me negotiating with him why that is not a good idea, instead, they now have a breaking heart for the poor baby who vomited because of the pressure changes on the descent (His vomit timing made a lovely presentation breeding empathy, but I hope he didn't pass along his virus to these unsuspecting fellow flyers)

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