Friday, March 20, 2009

My Roller Coaster

In our situation, I don't know if it's because of cancer or we lead a particularly complicated life, but this life is like a roller coaster. Once you become comfortable with a situation, it will change and life will throw us a curve ball. It is as if we have to be in a defensive stance...waiting...scaning the scene...on your toes. I remember when I used to play basketball, the coaches would tell you to look at the offensive players mid-section when you were on defense. The player may fake you out with their head, or feet, but when that mid-section moves, they are moving too. I guess our "mid-section" is the ultimate treatment, and life afterward. And we may flinch, as is a natural reaction, to the things that get thrown at us, but we have to just keep our eyes on the mid-section. And in regards to the roller coaster, I think my husband is very brave and I love him for everything he does do and doesn't do.
I wrote another poem in which I wrote about our life feeling like a roller coaster sometimes. When you are on a roller coaster, the environment speeds around you, whipping you around turns and inclines, but in your vision, the person sitting next to you is still...because they are moving with you. We are on a roller coaster in a four-person-seat. And no matter how we are tossed around, metaphorically, we are together and the most important images remain still in relation to us.

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