Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have realized how important my friends are to me, and further, the more you put into your friendships the more you get out of them. There are so many types of friends and sometimes I get annoyed that a friend is lacking a certain quality. But if you are missing one thing, you probably have a good quality someone else does not. This is the same idea as with men - one man isn't going to have all good qualities, and you must decide if your man has the best of the bad qualities or possesses the important good qualities.
As for my friends, I have one great friend who I know is there for me, makes a point to travel to me and visit, and knows a ton about me, but I wish we spoke more in between our visits. She once said she didn't like to talk on the phone which is probably the main barrier, but I notice she has trigger happy fingers with the text messaging. So, I have evolved, but I used to be annoyed by text messaging because I wonder why a person cant pick up the phone and talk. I may send a text message if I want to say something but not get into a conversation. Is that what others think of me? They don't want to talk to me, they just want me to hear one thing, or know they remembered one thing but cant bear to be subject to my other unrelated words? (I'm being sarcastic, but truthful) But I guess now that I have a toddler and a little baby who have collectively turned up the volume in my house, I appreciate the text message because I can communicate with out me and my listener being thoroughly distracted by my kids. I can now begin my sentence, change a diaper, wash my hands, hand out a cracker, continue my sentence, stop to pour a cup of milk, finish my sentence, stop to nurse the baby and burp him while pushing 'send'. Nice, huh? So what technology once annoyed me and made me believe the basis of conversation and connection was being further degraded is actually helping me and I'm embracing it.

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