Sunday, February 8, 2009

To better myself

I always try to better myself, especially when it comes to my relations with my family. Having children is a challenge and toddlerhood can test you. Occasionally I have to remind myself of my children's innocence and ask for more patience. I write in this blog, and I have written poetry for many years as an outlet, and this is something I jotted down the other day.

Let me remember
that they are just babies.
The things they do that bother me
are rarely meant personally.
They need to feel safe
they thrive when I am in control.
(I don't have a problem being consistent
I have a problem getting frustrated
because I am consistent).
Let me have more patience.
Let me give them confidence in me
that I may remain in control when
I am tested.
Other things in my day may also
frustrate me.
Let me not take it out on my children.
Le me be where I am.

Let me know my limitations
and anticipate the situations
that may threaten my control and calmness
Let me try not to fill my plate
with more than I may comfortably eat
if it means that I will become less pleasant
after I've overindulged.
Finally, let me have patience and resolve
for the situations in which I must
despite the many usual distractions
from my children and my day.

I am their first example, I am their first teacher.
Let me embrace that responsibility
and do the best that I can.

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