Sunday, February 22, 2009

As we age, we become close to who we are

I was reading over some old emails between me and my sibling and some other family members and I realized how much has changed in just a few years. I guess young adulthood is a very pivotal time and people change from how you knew them, and they find their own direction. So maybe it can be said that we are not really who we are until we get through that transitional, influential bunch of years between oh... about 18 and 25, I'll say. However I do believe we have tendencies in our personality, in our character, in our work ethic that exist that are either suppressed or nurtured depending upon who we meet and where we go. This can have a lot to do with who we select as a mate also. For instance, I met a wonderful man who I believe has elevated me as a person, and I have also brought out better qualities in him as well. In speaking about couples other than yourself, I believe that the outsider NEVER knows the whole story about what is between them. This idea reminds me of what someone said in a video highlighting the traditions of Texas A&M University - "From the inside you can't explain it and from the outside you can't understand it".

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