Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K- Kimchi #atozchallenge

Kimchi is a Korean style of a cabbage and/or vegetable side dish that is fermented with lactic acid bacteria. Foods that are fermented impart health benefits because of the probiotics they contain, and kimchi can offer these health benefits, just like yogurt or other fermented dairy products. Probiotics, simply, are "good bacteria" that can help to renovate our guts and promote health. But in addition to this, kimchi, because it is made from cruciferous vegetables, also contains fiber and other compounds that go above and beyond eating these vegetables alone, or yogurt alone. This Korean food is very flavorful and is often used to compliment rice dishes, or really any dish and is eaten with nearly every meal in authentic Korean culture. Not a bad practice!
Try an authentic recipe and enjoy!

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