Wednesday, April 6, 2016

F- Fun #atozchallenge

I'm sharing this because it is fun. 

My daughter is taking the State tests this week and she tends to get apprehensive, but these teachers at the wonderful Mott Haven Academy- a charter elementary school in one of the lowest income areas of NYC in the Bronx, made this fun video to get the kids feeling a little positive about the tests this week.

Way to get creative, put yourselves out there for the sake of the kids, and show them that adults can have a little fun!

Partnered with the city's largest social service agency, The New York Foundling, this school serves mostly at risk kids currently in foster care and the child welfare system. The Mott Haven section of the south Bronx is historically the lowest income area in all of New York City.
Kudos to all the teachers at: Haven Academny


  1. It's awesome that the teachers went through the trouble to make the video. :-)

  2. Does your daughter attend a charter school? We moved my stepson from a public school to a charter school, and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. I went to public school, and I loved it. It was a very different school than the ones available to him, though. Kids were threatening each other with weapons on a near-daily basis. In freakin' Idaho. WTH? The charter school turned things around for him, for sure. I hope she does well on her tests, but more than that, I hope she keeps her sanity through them. It will be better for her on the other side, if nothing else.

  3. Awesome teachers to make that upbeat video. Best wishes to your daughter for the tests.

    Here from the A-Z and enjoyed reading your post. Fun is an excellent word choice for F.

    Best wishes for the rest of the challenge