Saturday, April 25, 2015

V - Names that start with V

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted to name her something with a V. I liked Victoria, Vanessa, and Valentina. I knew a really beautiful, morally-sound girl in college named Valissa (she is Greek). My grandmother's name was Vincenza. Vs are underrepresented in names, but to me, they all sound powerful, profound, a bit exotic and dignified. My perception is funny now because when I proposed some V names to my hubby years ago he made a distasteful face and said, "I knew a girl named Valentina in high school and she was a huge slut." I think this spoiled, self-disrespecting chick ruined all Vs for him!
So, we'll just say my V impression is quite different from his!! And our girl does not have a V name :)


  1. Hi! Funny how one person can influence our feeling for a name. We named our children after family. My kids have the same idea. Daughter (15) was mad because her older brother (25) stole her idea for a girls name when he had his girl. He didn't really steal it, as she had never told him. They just both had the idea to honor both of their grandmothers.
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  2. My sister's name is Victoria, Vicky for short, so they're alright by me. I agree with your assessment, shame about Valentina!

  3. V's all right with me because my mother's called Vivien. She was named after the actress Vivien Leigh.

  4. Thanks for the comments! Funny enough took one of those Facebook quizes "what your parents should have named you" and guess what I got?? Victoria!


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