Friday, April 3, 2015

C - creativity, (plus a little commitment and character)

So I committed to doing this blog and tried to think of some ideas in advance knowing that when April came along, I'd be quite busy. And sometimes busyness squelches creativity. I have to schedule a moment from my brain to wander free in order to pluck inspiration, and then write. But when April 1st arrived, I forgot until I saw an email from a friend who is doing the challenge too. This was dinner time with a whole evening of busyness ahead of me - no good material was going to come out of me for an entry! So hence my first post for "A". But because I said I was going to do something, I must do it and I did. Better to stand up and say I am here, but I am not prepared, than to cower away in an unknown absence. (Even though there is only a tiny crew of people who read this blog... that is beside the point- do the right thing even if no one is looking :) So for C - commitment, character and creativity. 
Commitment -make them and follow through, even if it's not your best, be a person of your word, hence...
Character - yours.
Creativity - allow time to be creative. 

I once saw this quote:
"Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right or better." John Updike

I like this because it reaches out to all those who say they are not creative. It broadens the definition of creativity away from the arts that we automatically think of - painting, song writing, etc. There is so much to being creative and so much benefit. Find your niche!


  1. Hi, visiting from the A to Z challenge. That is a lovely quote, and something I tend to feel very strongly about, what is the point of doing something if you are not trying to do it as well as you possibly can.
    martine@silencing the bell

  2. I am also visiting from the A to Z challenge. I understand about busyness crushing creativity. I signed up for the A to Z challenge and forgot about it until I got today's reminder! I wrote about three letters in one day. I probably broke the rules but creativity trumps rules! Anyway, I enjoyed the quote and your story.

  3. Minion Carrie dropping by to cheer you on! Keep up the excellent work! :D Enjoy your day off tomorrow and have a blessed Easter!

  4. "It's impossible to explain creativity. It's like asking a bird, 'How do you fly?' You just do."