Saturday, April 11, 2015


J to me a hook I find
like I've hooked your heart 
in kind
but as they say with rescued pets
who has usurped who?

In voice, a Blue Jay is there
solid and perfect no matter where
we could take a message from nature,
I see
God made us exactly as we should be.

A pirate, a whimsical story
to my children thats J in its glory
memories of mommy or daddy 
with imagination, nothing superseding.

J is just a letter
could start a word for hate or better
a simple alphabet could build the world
in words
or tear it down with ill intention.

Just joy.


  1. I love this quotation, and I especially like the third stanza of your poem and the last line. "Just joy." Something I strive for that is way harder than it sounds.

  2. Hello there.
    Thanks or sharing. Just making my way around the AtoZ Challenge.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess