Thursday, August 12, 2010

Love Run

My little boy doesn't realize how he fills me with bliss each day. When I pick him up from day care he comes running to me calling "mommy" with a huge smile on his face. Ever since he could walk, he has been running to me, never fail. As soon as he locks his eyes on mine and it registers that that person who walked through the door is in fact his mommy, he is instantly happy and running. It doesn't matter what I look like, what I smell like or what mood I'm in, I am his mommy and he loves me. Gabriella loves me too, but she has quit running to me long ago. If I get an excited run there is something behind it like competition with Marco, jealousy of my smile to Marco's love run or because she sees one of her friends run to their mother. Gabby loves me, but if something better is around, she is more interested in that. Maybe that means she is totally secure in me that she knows I will always be there for her when she is ready for me - you like how I can twist that around? I know this love run wont last forever, and I probably only have less than one year of it left with Marco, but I will enjoy every minute of it while I can. It is still a funny, wobbly run with legs swinging out a bit - it is the irresistible cute baby run that also disappears with the baby attachment. I love it all and it brings me infinite joy - maybe it's the consistency of it - I am guaranteed one child that is happy to see me when I return. With Gabby you never know what you are going to get - the I don't want to go home and stop playing whine, the jealous love, or the I'm so tired I can't follow directions child. She is difficult and Marco is consistant. But nevertheless, I love them both with equal devotion and intensity but this love is delivered in the different ways in which it is required.

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