Saturday, April 24, 2010


So things are evolving in my life I suppose. Tom has been wanting to go back to work, since he left I guess, and after all the arrangements and interviews he has started this week at a part time job in Louisiana again (not the same place we lived before). This means that one week he is there and one week he is here. A close friend of his will do the same and they will alternate weeks to give full coverage to the hospital. His friend will start there full time in July and his family is moving there. The hospital hopes we do the same and our decisions are a bit complicated, but will be based upon Tommy's health mostly- I am up for doing whatever is best for my family.
So anyway, week one of this is almost done and it has gone well for both of us. I guess it just makes me think I need a new job - I really don't need to drive almost an hour into the city to work full time especially when Tommy is pulling in a nice chunk of change with this new job- I just need to maintain good health insurance. I have kept my eyes open for a desirable opportunity - so far I pursued a full time job 2 min from our house and a part time job 25 min from our house ( bear in mind, this 22.5 hour one it is near all the things of food and shopping that I love :) The part time job is a really great out patient counseling position that would be a wonderful move career wise and the other is more management and acute care which is good experience as well. We'll see...
I also come to find out the facility I work at now has decided to terminate the contract with the food service company that I am employed by. If they are set on this despite my company's negotiation tactics, I will be either out of a job or relocated in 6 months. So I guess I don't feel so guilty for looking around for another job! Oh well, this is the economic climate these days especially in health care. It is really no fault of the team I work with it is financial and will be decided upon with our district management and the administration of the facility.

I have worked at this job over a year and it is very thought provoking for me to think about the first few months I was there - it was difficult because my kids got sick very often - Marco was sick it seemed every three weeks from April to November - it all got much better after that point, and it is easier now. I was still breastfeeding him then and pumping at work and Marco didn't want to drink any milk at day care... then Gabby would give me a hard time when I picked her up and didn't want to go home... but we made it through that and we are still kicking! Congrats to me, I say! Both of my kids love going there and I am happy with the choice I made in this home day care. Whatever happens with this job now, I know I will definitely take a way some very dear friends from this place.

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