Thursday, May 27, 2010


I have been watching a show called 'Parenthood' lately and I enjoy it very much. You know why? Because parenting is very hard, and to know that other people find it very hard is quite comforting. To see other people having an easy, enjoyable time of parenthood makes me feel as if I am missing out on something, and to see other people struggling with difficult situations makes me feel very fortunate. I suppose I need to be reminded of these emotions to keep my life in check and in balance.
I know my life is not easy many times but this is the way I choose to live my life. And my life is easy to deal with knowing that I live out my own decisions that I made up my mind about. It is important to acknowledge all the emotions that come along with difficult situations and I believe all these feelings are normal to have.
I am very proud to be a women. And I am very proud to be a mother. Sometimes I say to myself I wish I were a man, but quickly retract that though knowing that no matter how much easier it seems to be a man, being a women and a mother is something truly amazing that I wouldn't trade for anything. Being a women in and of itself is profound. And adding mother on to that makes tremendous sense!

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