Friday, December 18, 2009


I had a busy run for a while here while i worked, mommied and studied for an exam. I am happy to say that I passed my Certified Diabetes Educator exam! I suppose a dietitian or nurse would know the significance of this exam but it is good for my career, my marketability and it is a great field to focus on. So now I can begin to pay attention to the organization of my house and other things that I put off while devoting my free time to studying.
I've done plenty of Christmas shopping online and I am having all of my husbands gifts shipped to my work. I will somehow have to bring wrapping paper to work and bring all the boxes home wrapped.
I have complained about a lack of time off since I signed on to this job and I recently lost every day that I stored away with a very fun flu that infected my whole family. Marc brought it home and got over it in 24 hours. Next was me and it took me 3 days. Next was Gabby and she had it pretty bad with vomiting and high fevers, it took her maybe 4 days but she didn't feel right for a week. Thomas had it bad too with a prolonged cough and consequently bronchitis following the flu. So I have NO time off now, it is very frustrating. I keep my eyes open and I hope to find a job that suits my logistical and professional preferences some day. But in the meantime, I enjoy my current position and i have a great boss and coworkers.

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