Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Frontyard Photo Shoot

I took the most wonderful photos of my children today. I could look at them for hours - so many different angles and shadows... Each shadow and break of light over their perfect faces reminds me how beautiful they are. Their innocent youth is magical. Gabby has such clear, perfect, soft skin - there are no wrinkles, scrunches, bags or discolorations - it is really what God made so well. My children are different and I think these photos I took capture their personalities as well - If Gabby is not watched she will be picking up something, digging in something or running off somewhere. If you turn away from Marc for a moment, you will find him still there right by your side. He is timid with loud noises and will not run off away from me, whereas Gabby is the COMPLETE opposite.
I love my babies and the light was absolutely perfect today. So these components with the lovely fall leaves in the background made for stunning shots - even if I am the only one who thinks so, I will treasure them always. I ordered some prints to replace the cutie-beauties sitting on my desk at work. And I will say 1000 fold that I like the results of my front yard photo shoot any day over the photos I have gotten done at Sears or JC Penny in the past.

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