Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I never was that good at making treasured friends, although I always had plenty of friends. The friends I had were often friends of convenience or circumstance, those whom I may have spent a lot of time with but never made a substantial friendship out of. I think this is because I am always hesitant to open up about myself and if you don't give anything to a friendship it will die. I jokingly said to my husband that you have to talk about yourself to make friends. Unfortunately, I don't really like to do that. I write with much more ease than I speak and I can put feelings down on paper readily but cringe when I have to say them aloud. Either way, I have pulled through these 27 years of my life with a handful of wonderful friends, only two of which are old friends. Because I have more new friends (made in the last 5 years) this tells me that I have probably matured a bit and found more of myself. I know myself better and I like who I am better and therefore I am comfortable and confident to display that person. I treasure these friends almost to the point that I am overwhelmed with how nice it is to have friends. I am a person who is very comfortable being alone, but I have become more comfortable with more people which makes life a happy place. Yet, because it doesn't come naturally to me to talk about myself and my life, I have to remind myself to do so...maybe this blog is perfect for me!- I love writing!

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