Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quiet Love

I find that it is mostly the quiet moments in my children that blow me away. An oxymoron possibly, but a consistent realization for me. My Gabby may be silent for a moment of concentration coloring an elephant and I capture the profile of her face, the quiet curves of her lips and I am mesmerized. When a peaceful furrow takes over my son's brow as he diligently puts together a puzzle, I am in awe.
I think the awe is there all the time, but it can't rise to the surface all the time because life is occurring and the constant barrage of needs and wants infiltrate my minutes. But its when that tide ceases, for the brief moments that it does, that proud, humble, fascinated love abounds from my for my little creatures.
Once again, the beauty of a sleeping child is without words, but so understandable!
I love you two little things - all the time, but so tangible so when I am watching you be little people.

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