Friday, June 3, 2011

The big house

We thought we wanted to move to Louisiana, and it was seeming as if it would all work out, so we chose to rent that big beautiful house. I was the maiden of this house, in a surreally, simple way for a month while I dragged the kids all over a 50 mile radius of northern Louisiana to buy furniture and furnishings. I tell you, a big house is fabulously manageable with sparse interior contents. And life seems so easy when you don't get any mail.
Then there was a setback with Tom's contract and it made us step back and really consider everything. And it turned out that we could not afford to keep renting that big beautiful house in this time of limbo and no steady work. So we returned this house to its owner who claims to want to stay in it and never leave it again. The breeze from our door closing opened up his window.
This house is bittersweet. Well, mostly bitter - it was a structure of hope, something that we can enjoy as if our own, with luxuries that we do not own here in NY- a play room for the kids, a swingset in the backyard, a steam shower... Our house in NY is beautiful as well, but this one was much bigger and quite fine, and it gave us something to look forward to and be excited about amidst a stressful and risky move.
So my internship as an interior decorator, secretary, full time stay at home mom without a drop of support, (and the usual housekeeper, cook, etc.) is over.
If we do go to Louisiana afterall, we'll have to find another house to rent.
Bye, bye big house of hope, back to reality.

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