Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love your Job

So I watch the Food Network a lot and Gabby asked me one day which one was my favorite girl. After telling her I liked a lot of them, I told her I really liked Anne Burrell. She gets very excited about her food and is captivating and educational. She is the chef of a couple restaurants in NYC and hosts "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef" on the Food Network.
Anne Burrell loves what she does. And as I have been known to do, I turned this innocent question by my daughter into a philosophical discussion with a moral lesson. As we watched the spunky, animated chef smile and dance around the vegetables and compliment her meats, I told Gabby that this is how she should feel about the job she chooses to pursue when she grows up. That when she goes to work, she should enjoy what she does, or at least the basis of what she does (politics and other factors will always exist). That it should make her feel good about her self, it should keep her bright and enthusiastic to go to work every day.
We are all different people with different characteristics and personalities and it would be my hope for my children to find a niche, to meet their potential and be truly satisfied in the career they choose. To this I pray...

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