Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dishes and Dishwashers

I know this sounds very Seinfeld-esq but I am going to write about my thoughts on the dishwasher and how I find it interesting how every person can load the same dishwasher differently. If you  are confronted with a new or unfamiliar dishwasher, it looks so strangely foreign at first. You are used to looking at the pegs and baskets of your own. And along with the familiarity of the layout of these pegs and baskets, you know all your dishes and how they fit best, or how it makes the most sense for you to load it. If someone else loads your dishwasher differently than you, which they will, it feels very wrong! Like a banana in the freezer or a milk carton in the oven. It's YOUR dishwasher and YOUR dishes and another person is sticking YOUR things inside of YOUR cavity and they are not doing the way you do (no pun intended :). I cant be the only one who feels this way.
So in Louisiana I was confronted with a new and strange dishwasher. Bigger baskets, different pegs, different cycle lengths - we had to become acquainted with each other. And after a few dates, we were familiar. And soon, it happened again - I became a possessive and jealous lover. Only I knew how to load this thing most efficiently to properly conserve space and maximize its energy expenditure. I can't say that I like to load my LA dishes better than my NY dishes, because my NY dishes and I have a long history together filled with mistakes and successes. They are perfect for me because they are mine and I know them well. You can't just pick up any old dish set and stick it in any old dishwasher - you learn to be the best at your own and you learn to love them, not because they are the best in the world, not because they match your dishwasher with perfect ergonomics, but because they are yours, through time.

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