Sunday, April 5, 2009

Silence is golden

My kids got up at 5am today, which is unfortunately normal for my little one, but Gabby usually wakes up a bit later, about 6, so she was on the cranky side. After many moments of whining, crying and frustrated outbursts, she went down for her nap. And most wondrously following was Marc who needed at nap at the same time. Anyone with kids (or those those who work with kids, God bless you) knows this moment. The sweet intoxicating silence of sleeping babies. It is almost like cake. It is so nourishing and energizing. I don't know why silence is associated with loneliness because that is the last thought that enters my mind when I am enveloped in silence. There is so much I want to do with myself that I can't imagine ever getting to the point of loneliness when there is silence in my world. The sun seems brighter, the floor seems cleaner, the furnace sounds comforting, and my mind seems settled. A mother needs these moments of silence.
And because of this silence to replenish my soul and eardrum tolerance, the little cries that break it, pull me back to their rescue in a nurturing mother's way. As Frankie Valli says, "silence is golden".

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