Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I was running and listening to my iPod. With the combination of the mental-cloud-busting endorphins and the music and surroundings, there are times I find myself reflecting, day dreaming, but overall just feeling good. 

A song came on that was written by Ray LaMontange, a folky rock singer, but the version I was listening to was covered by the Zac Brown Band, a country group. The violin is so melodic and engaging in this song, I ran along and lost myself in it, bowing my arms in my mind. 

My daughter plays the violin so we have a little sized violin in the house, and I am tempted to pick it up. But that darn instrument takes a lot of practice and finesse. I started playing the guitar and I am slowly learning to sound like something decent. I've held back when that desire to pick up the violin overcomes me, because you can only try so many new things before you become the jack of all trades and the master of none. 

I realized then and there that I don't need to be that music to fully enjoy it. I don't need to play it and learn it. I love it for what it is and that is all I need. Why do I have to have the idea to take my appreciation to next level? The beauty of that instrument is there to give me joy and it does. And that is its reason for being, for me. No more.

The song:

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