Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weather you know it or not

The news is bias, as we all know, and it's actually not that informative. In NY I'd hear who was shot in the bronx, who tried to jump off the tapan zee bridge and what's happening in lybia. 
Now I hear who's still flooded in Jackson, who murdered their girlfield in the trailer park and what's happening in Ukraine. 
It's locally depressing and wordly detached. We don't get much about the day to day in other parts of our own country- and I realize now the south has, and always did have, some crazy fickle weather. 

We get ice storms that are impairing but beautiful.

We get lots of flooding when the rain is relentless. This was a park like front yard of my son's classmates house. Now with 4 feet of water, a flowing river took over their yard. I dropped my son off for a play date and after 2 hours of pummeling rain, I saw this. I told the mother, "you have a river in your yard." She said, "yeah, it happens every time there's a lot of rain. We we have that hump there so it never reaches the house." Ok. If you're ok with it, I guess I'll be. 

This is our back yard. The volume is much more profound in person when your used to just grass being there.

And we get tornados. Random, unpredictable- it's like practicing medicine, they tell you that conditions are favorable for the possibility of the development of a tornado. We are not diagnosing one, but we're not ruling one out. 

There was one small but destructive tornado since I've been here, about 30 miles away. The emergency broadcast system interrupts the radio stations indicating the location of these favorable conditions, or the location and speed of powerful thunderstorms. They add a scroll to the tv, all the while I tell my kids, don't worry. I actually like the thunder, I find it amazing!

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