Friday, November 1, 2013

Making Stories

I might be moving.

And it's a blog unto itself to explore all the ideas that that brings up. But I recently asked a friend of mine if she ever moved around when she was younger and the conversation led to us sharing a story about our grandmas' and Snapple drinks.
I thought about how our stories define us when we are young and don't really know who we are yet. We meet someone new and tell them where we grew up, what nationality we are, what are parents do for a living. These things make up the superficial picture of us to a stranger. Well, I am arming my kids with lots of material to tell their strangers. One was born in the hard fast north and the other was born in the deep Cajun south. We moved once and now we're moving again - they will tell their strangers all about it and integrate all the pictures I'll be taking with the scant memories they'll have at these young ages. Hopefully they will say it made them stronger or more outgoing, or more fearless.

I might be giving them stories.

And when we pack our bags and say good by to this house that they started school in and get on the plane, I'll say, "Alright kids, let's make a story."


  1. I love that they have a fearless Mama ready to set them free in this big country with a healthy, "Let's make some memories" attitude. Good for you! Better for them. xo

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