Friday, July 1, 2011

The American Way

I was able to get through college without it. I was able to make it through my concentrated, unpaid internship with out it. I even worked a job that was an hour away with a 5 am shift start time...with out it. All my professional jobs out of school - long commutes, management - still didn't rely on it. But now, after all that, I have succumbed. I think it took my job with an hour commute while having two kids under the age of 3 while maintaining some work out schedule that did it. Coffee. I have succumbed and joined the over 50% of Americans that drink coffee daily. But I am surely shy of the 3.1 cups per day that is average of these coffee drinkers. Geez, if i did that I would have heart palpitations and be sweating and shaking. I am not one of those that can drink caffeine liberally but I have come to be quite tolerant and reliant upon my one cup of tea and one small cup of coffee in the morning. And coffee consumption appears to be beneficial for some of my systems in terms of disease risk, so c'est la vie for me.

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