Sunday, May 1, 2011


So one day my husband said "What is this with Oprah? What is so great about Oprah?" At which point I was stricken speechless. I am a self admitted Oprah lover, and it's one of those things that I can barely explain to do justice to the Oprah effect for me. Not only do I love Oprah herself, I love what she makes of, and inspires in me. Oprah extracts emotions out of this pretty blandly emotional girl - one without big high joyful expression and without low, sad moments. Oprah makes me cry, laugh, and learn. I don't think there is any show like it. (As far as a show that matches and often far exceeds the crying is Extreme Home Makeover. My gosh, any malfunctioning tear duct will rise from the dead after one episode of that show).
Her empire and creation is enriching and it helps to remind me of my potential and my purpose, and in all, makes me a better person. And when some sentiment is so universal and so grand, you have to know that there is something to it. When Oprah shows a product on her show and the company's website crashes for days, when she names what she has for breakfast and the sales of Red Mill Steel Oats skyrocket, her book club increased the number of avid readers in this country and can alter best seller lists and has been known to increase book sales fivefold! - on and on the examples can go. If there are that many people in the Oprah effect, there is certainly something to it. And I am one of them! And if you have a a bit of introspection, a bit of faith, a bit of humility, a bit of strength and a bit of weakness, you will love her too.

She often explains that she uses the show as a platform to teach and she sees a greater purpose to her access to the public and her platform - and that must be the root of this Oprah effect. She does what is right in her eyes and her personal integrity has risen her up. And what greater inspiration is her story in itself? That by doing the right thing, morally checking your actions each step of the way and by using power and wealth for positive things, you will prevail! What Oprah brings to people, and what Oprah IS is an inspiration for life.
Alright, now that I got that out, that is enough about Oprah. I know it is annoying to read the praises of someone else when you don't feel the exact same way. I guess in general, an opinion can be annoying if you don't get it. So I hope anyone reading this either gets it a little bit, or is inspired to get it - and I'll shut up!

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