Saturday, April 2, 2011

I have been Crowned!

I have a dentist who speaks as if she is reading a night time story to a pre-schooler - it is a calm, soothing, voice full of complete, seemingly scripted explanations of her work, laced with mild facial expressions and full eye contact. After a gentle, motherly explanation of the how to make a crown and what to expect, she asked me to put my head back and began by calmly saying, "I am going to prepare your crown now", and I felt as if I should have been in a jewelry store getting my tiara altered rather than in a dentist office. Undoubtedly she has crowned many a women but she actually made it seem like she was doing me a privilege and a socially envious procedure.
I hate going to the dentist and I hate Novocain but her voice seemed convinced that this was both well practiced, a bit exclusive, and freakishly nurturing. I was perplexed and taken back at how I was effected by her voice, words and demeanor, especially comparing her to many other dentists I have had digging and drilling in my mouth. Maybe in another life she'll be a social worker...
I know no one here reading this cares, but I am going to continue on in my fascination slash praise of this dental calming artist. She stayed in the room the whole time,and was very polite to her hygienist (who, I will add does not do your cleaning when you go once or twice a year - this dentist does that preventative, insurance covered service from start to finish!) She spent her free time filing down the temporary crown, smoothing it, and probably inaudibly comforting it and preparing it for its journey in my mouth for the next couple weeks.
This dentist is such a wonderful example of a way to be a health care professional especially in a time where they are few and far between. Kudos to her!!

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