Sunday, July 4, 2010


So we continue with Tom being gone for a week (which is actually 8 days to allow for 7 full working days over there) and home for a week. I hold down the fort and it has been going OK. I don't have enough time to do everything I wan to do in a day, or that should be done everyday so I have to leave something out everyday. But I am quite productive in the remaining 3 hours of my waking day at home. I work out three or four mornings a week before work and it would be nice if it were more, but that is good enough considering. My kids play together nicely which allows me to do some other chores around them. It is really nice to have gotten to this point in my parenting journey that I don't have to be sitting right with them every second. Now i just have to be nearby using my second set of eyes and ears that seem to catch every room in the house- those fascinating sixth sensory skills you gain when you become a parent.
I still don't know what is happening with my job - the facility terminated the contract with the company that employees me which would leave me with no job (or a transfer) by October. Out district manager came to my facility and offered them some negotiations to the contract that would make a person think they'd be stupid not to re-sign with us. But I don't fully buy this optimism. We'll see what happens...
For my own sanity, I want to wait until after Tom's next PET/CT scan to see where he is at so we can think seriously about either moving to Louisiana again and figuring everything out with my job.
Tom thinks I should quit my job and COBRA the health insurance. Maybe his suggestion of this is indicative of his optimism and that he is feeling good. I am afraid to be too positive - id rather just wait and feel nothing until I know that I am free to feel one way or another. Everything seems to be OK right now though, in terms of another flare up of his disease - its a really nice thing! So for me personally, I don't want to quit anything until after this scan...

The kids are good - i think each time papa leaves it is a bit more disturbing, but only the first and second days - then things seem to melt back to normal. Other than that, they are happy, fabulous little wonders.

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