Sunday, August 16, 2009

Intro. Part 2

So I set this blog up to have my first post, the introduction read first by post dating it. When I glance at my own blog I read over this post each time because it appears at the top. it is amazing, so much has changed since I declared the state of my union. We sold that house in Louisiana, my husband is not working, and I have a full time job. My own day to day life is very different from a year ago, and my husband's is different in an equally different way. I must say I am more focused on myself because I am with myself for the majority of my waking hours.
I have two kids, one and three who grow and challenge me daily and reward me with their amazing growth. My daughter's comprehension and language is amazing and she is inquisitive and sharp. She is potty trained and seems to reap the most enjoyment from surrounding herself with her friends at school. Marc is walking and talking so many many words and phrases too. He doesn't rely on my quite as much and enjoys his dad and his time at school also. I am pleased with the home-based child care program that I chose.
I enjoy my work and I have a passion for what I do and a compassion for my purpose. Long-term care is not an elegant job setting for those in health care but I am beginning to think it really is for me. I have made quite a few friends where I work and I am happy for that. I have continued to be a part of one of the mommy groups when was a stay-at-home-mom and and building friendships there also.
Tommaso has cancer. And it may very well remain a chronic disease without a clear cure. This is a hard adjustment to live with in many respects. He just had a round of treatment that was pretty darn successful so we are happy for now. I feel bad for him that he cant work like he would like to but I have faith that he will find his purpose and satisfaction as life unravels opportunities to him. He is a very intelligent level minded person and he will know the wisest decision to make.
1 year later. Same people, very different settings, but same strong love and commitment to our family...

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